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FIA Code

Changes to the FIA Code are being proposed in three broad areas:

  1. reduced in length by removing duplication and by using plain English drafting;
  2. new protections for people in vulnerable circumstances have been proposed, including help to be removed from contact lists;
  3. a new compliance framework has been proposed involving 'spot checks' and compulsory Code training for all professional fundraisers. 

View the FIA Code here.

Have your say on the FIA Code here

If you'd prefer to provide your feedback via email, please send it to

FIA Draft Code webinar
Thank you to all who participated in the FIA Draft Code webinar for a useful, constructive dialogue. A recording of the webinar is available here

Draft Practice Notes
Following the issue of the Code, FIA will be gradually releasing draft practice notes.

The following draft practice notes are now available for feedback:

People in Vulnerable Circumstances

Telephone Fundraising

Workplace Giving 

Grants Fundraising 

Overseas Aid Fundraising

SMS Fundraising

Promotional Materials

Applying the Code: Professionals vs Organisations 

Fundraising Supplier Agreements

Charitable Gaming Fundraising

Code Training requirements

Face to Face Fundraising

Have your say on the draft practice notes here, or email your feedback to

Code Administration
Our proposed administration of the FIA Code can be viewed here