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FixIt Marketing

FixIt Marketing provides strategic planning, integrated direct marketing campaign management including conversion and retention programs, direct marketing & fundraising consultancy, and content gathering services to the not for profit sector.

At FixIt, we draw on years of experience and modern & evolving skills in direct marketing and fundraising techniques to deliver practical and efficient solutions. We're constantly learning and evolving with market trends.

Strategic Planning
We can build easy to understand strategic plans for one to three years, and customise budget planning to go with it.

Campaign Management
We specialise in expert direct marketing campaign project management, including post-campaign analysis.

Ongoing Consultancy
Need someone to fill a gap, maternity or extended leave contract? We can step in and deliver direct marketing and fundraising management services.

Content Gathering
We'll go where you need to gather on-the-ground content necessary for the success of your campaigns.

Our Clients
At FixIt Marketing, we work hard to ensure what we do simply enhances the impact organisations seek to have. We help connect donors, supporters and customers of organisations with the solutions they provide.

"FixIt Marketing's strategy development, analysis, insights and recommendations are world class, improving acquisition and retention rates, while increasing conversion across our supporter segments." Country Director. 

Recent Results

  • Telemarketing Programs 8.6% increase in Regular Giver's converted, at 5% below budgeted expenditure.
  • Multi-channel direct marketing campaign: 25.3% above revenue target at 12.9% below target expenditure, leaving 54.3% more net revenue than forecast.

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Contact Person: Joel Brown
Phone: +49 159 012 84629