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Members Helping Members

The opportunity to participate in FIA’s Mentoring Program is a major benefit offered to all FIA members. It seeks to provide an avenue for professional fundraisers to gain advice, offer support and improve their understanding of the not-for-profit sector. FIA mentors are highly skilled and experienced fundraisers. The mentoring program is a perfect opportunity to develop your expertise and participate in a rewarding experience that will enable you to learn new skills and build new relationships. 

The Mentoring Relationship 

Mentees can expect to gain:

  • an extension of networks
  • new ideas and strategies
  • confidence in their abilities
  • achievement of goals
  • improved communication and negotiation skills

Mentors are people who have broad experience, knowledge and skills and are prepared to share this with someone who is keen to learn and develop.

Mentees have a lot to gain from the wisdom of their mentor. Mentors also benefit from the challenge of such a relationship, and from seeing development in their mentee. 

Many relationships extend beyond the program and become a lasting connection.

Support the future of the fundraising profession as well as your own professional development by participating in FIA’s Mentoring Program.

For more information about the program, or to apply to be either a mentor or mentee, please email