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FIA Membership Policies

Membership transfer

FIA allows membership transfer if an organisation has paid for the membership and if the member/employee has either resigned, retired or taken leave (maternity leave, long term carers leave, and long term sick leave).

If an individual member has moved from an organisation which has paid for their membership, that individual will be required to pay the current membership fee to FIA to maintain their membership. The organisation that paid for the membership can transfer it to another staff member, however if this individual has not been a member of FIA in the last 12 months, a $50 new member tranfer fee must be paid before the membership can be activated under their name.

Members who have paid for their membership themselves retain their membership regardless of where they are working. 

Membership fees paid by organisations are transferrable to other employees in the organisation only.

Please fax the completed Membership Transfer form to 02 9411 6655.

Membership refund

Fundraising Institute Australia does not allow for the refund of membership fees unless there are exceptional circumstances.

All hardship requests must be submitted in writing to the CEO for consideration. A prorated amount of the year's membership fee not exceeding six months may be refunded at the discretion of the CEO.

Additional costs incurred during processing of FIA membership dues

The member will be responsible for all unexpected costs incurred by FIA in the processing of membership fees. Such costs include (but are not limited to) dishonoured cheque fees or bank charges made as a result of insufficient funds or accounts having been closed.