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Our Core Values

The core values that FIA has adopted to guide our actions and behaviours are as follows:

Philanthropy – we lead by example, encouraging giving; contributing selflessly so that good causes may grow and prosper;

Respect – we respect and value others, acknowledging individual difference, being responsive to the needs of others;

Ethical – we work within the international and FIA’s code of ethical principles:  with honesty, respect, integrity, empathy and transparency in all we do and all we ask of others;

Accountable – we are accountable to our members and stakeholders, striving at all times for professionalism and quality in our work and adherence to fundraising standards;

Leadership - we provide leadership for the fundraising community across Australia, with our passion and innovation to be an inspiration to all;

Celebration – we recognise and acknowledge our achievements and the achievements of our members in our drive to be the best we can be as fundraising professionals.

Our Mission

Fundraising Institute Australia, an association of professionals, advances philanthropy through encouraging and supporting people and organisations to ethically practice excellence in fundraising. The core activities through which FIA fulfils this mission include professional development, mentoring, credentialing, research and advocacy.

Our Vision

Advancing professional fundraising.

Our Service Charter

We will be responsive and efficient in all aspects of our work.

We will address expeditiously and respectfully the needs of members, volunteers, partners and clients, government, business and the public.

We will provide professionally managed services, evaluate their delivery and act to improve our performance.