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Past Webinars

Links to recordings of all past webinars are available for free for Include a Charity Campaign Supporters. Become a Supporter.

If you would like a copy please email us or call us on 1300 889 670.

Living Donor Stories

February 2018

How to get a great testimonial for your program?

We’ve all heard the research from Dr James – living donor stories have the maximum impact and work best for your gifts in wills prospects. But how do you:

-        Identify a good story

-        Ask the donor to be involved

-        Brief the donor  - whether it be media, video or event speaking

-        Maximise the impact of the story.

This webinar will seek to answer some of those questions and provide you with some advice on what to do, and what not to do!

Speakers: Helen Merrick - Campaign Director, Include a Charity and Kim Carter, PR consultant


Estate Administration 101 

January 2018 

As gifts in wills fundraisers we all have faced the challenges of understanding the estate administration processes. This webinar provides you with the basics: looking at the key legal terminology used in estate planning; those first steps to undertake when an estate is contested; how to ensure you are fulfilling your legal requirements as a beneficiary and a few other tips and tricks to help with basic estate administration. 

Speaker: Kelly Morgan


Navigating Estate Legal Challenges: What You Need to Know About Mediation


July 2017


During this webinar we discussed various aspects of mediation including:


  1. Deciding whether or not to attend mediation;
  2. Preparing for mediation;
  3. What to expect at mediation; and
  4. What happens if mediation does not bring a successful resolution to your matter.


Identifying Potential Bequestors and Marketing to Them

April 2017

Resources and budgets are often limited and understanding who to target in your bequest program is one of the fundamental pillars to success. In this webinar, Marcus Blease MFIA shared the best data and research to understand who to market your bequest campaigns to and how to use these tools to increase or decrease the size of the prospect pool based on their propensity to leave a gift in their Will.

Giving Australia

February 2017

During this webinar Dr Christopher Baker AMFIA, Research Fellow at Swinburne University of Technology explored gifts in Wills related findings from the Giving Australia 2016 project.

The Giving Australia 2016 project is the largest ever research effort into philanthropic behaviour to understand how, why and how much Australians give to charity. The project is led by the Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies (ACPNS) at QUT with the Centre for Social Impact at Swinburne University of Technology and the Centre for Corporate Public Affairs.

Getting Around to It: How to Promote More Gifts in Wills

November 2016

During this webinar we explored new Australian research into gifts in wills which provides detailed insights into a core audience who plan to leave a gift. Quiet and reserved they may be, but this group are incredibly valuable with most planning to leave bequests to multiple charities – many of whom are presently unaware that they will.

The report, Getting around to it: how to promote more gifts in wills commissioned by Include a Charity and undertaken by More Strategic, was informed by a series of interviews with 18 bequestors aged 50+ from five charities.

Using Telemarketing as Part of Your Gifts in Wills Fundraising Program

July 2016

During this webinar we explored the ways in which we can integrate telemarketing into our Gifts in Wills Fundraising Programs. Lead-generation, identification of interest, qualification, follow-up, conversion, donor care, supporter stewardship, data gathering – the list is virtually endless.  

Using a case study of the successful long-term collaboration between the Gifts in Wills Team at the Stroke Foundation and Apple Marketing, we covered some of the issues that you’ll need to consider when engaging a telemarketing agency and how to work together to get the best out of your phone campaigns. We covered this subject from both the charity AND the agency’s perspective.

Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy for Bequest Planned Gifts, a Practical Session

June 2016

An effective multi-channel marketing plan is smart and strategic for all fundraising programs and a foundation practice for bequests since gifts in wills are the largest source of planned giving revenue for charities both large and small.

In this session with Maisa Paiva MFIA, you will discover:

  • models around data targeting to identify the right bequest prospects in your database
  • how to build a 12-month multi-channel communications map, integrating telemarketing, DM, events and digital, by applying the loyalty-loop model to ensure that acquired prospects and long-time converted donors have continuity in their conversation with your brand (a template of the communications map model Maisa has created will be distributed to webinar attendees)
  • an action plan to leverage donor events with integrated messaging and bequest driven follow-up tactics
  • strategies to enhance efforts around donor care
  • how to make the best use of digital integration and practical advice in how to reach your targeted donors on Facebook
  • detailed budgeting and visual pipeline reporting for your Board for the purpose of performance tracking and as a tool to help embed bequests into the culture of your organisation.

By mastering the methods above, Maisa created and implemented a detailed bequest strategy that led Cerebral Palsy Alliance to an increase of 790% in the total number of warm bequest leads (considers and planners). They also reached a fourfold growth in the number of confirmed bequestors acquired per year in comparison to the numbers observed in three of the four previous years.

International Trends in Bequest Giving

March 2016

Karen Armstrong MFIA CFRE shares insights from around the world on the practice of bequests. It focuses on the ‘sister’ campaigns of the 16 other countries also running social change campaigns within their communities. The evaluation reviews their current behaviours and beliefs and the end goal for each campaign. By sharing these campaigns we hope to generate new ideas and opportunities for Include a Charity supporters to work together to enable more gifts in wills in Australia. 

Marketing to People Over 60

December 2015

Amanda O'Brien shares her tips on marketing to people over 60. 

This webinar covers:

  • Key target audience insights 
  • Media insights 
  • How to utilise digital media to reach older audiences

Legal Engagement Toolkit

December 2015

We've developed some practical information for Include a Charity campaign supporters to help support and encourage effective engagement with solicitors and professional advisers - Include a Charity's Legal Engagement Toolkit.

This toolkit is intended to provide some general practical guidance for issues associated with estate administration and communication between charities and legal professionals. It also collects together some of the most relevant research and reports, both in Australia and overseas to provide valuable insights for developing and shaping your Gifts in Wills fundraising programs.

During this webinar Ross Anderson talks through how to use the toolkit and take advantage of the wealth of knowledge and experience within the Include a Charity network.

Using Surveys for Bequest Leads with Martin Paul

November 2015

Well-known strategic fundraising consultant, Martin Paul from More Strategic talks about how you can use surveys to gain bequest leads for your organisation. 

The session covers:

  • Why use surveys?
  • What sort of bequest lead numbers you may generate
  • How surveys work
  • What other useful insights your survey will generate
  • Some findings from the 7000 responses More Strategic has had to date about bequestors

Innotave by applying "nudge theory" to our supporter journeys

October 2017

Karen Armstrong is a Senior Consultant with More Strategic, a marketing, fundraising and experience management consultancy. Karen was previously Director, Marketing and Fundraising at Cancer Council Australia and a founding board member of the Include a Charity Campaign.

More Strategic will be working on a pilot program with the Behavioural Insights Team UK and Include a Charity. This program is focused on opportunities to innovate and test Behavioural Economics (‘nudges’) in our supporter journeys.

 This webinar will cover:

  • Role of behavioural economics
  • What works and why
  • Applying behavioural economics in the context of bequests
  • Insights on testing ‘nudges’ in Supporter Surveys

Links to recordings of previous webinars are available free to staff of current Include a Charity Campaign Supporters. 

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