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Upcoming Events

Our 2018 Calendar is ready! Please download it here we look forward to seeing you!

Webinars, training days and Include a Charity Week are events for IAC supporters only however if you are not an IAC member you can register for our upcoming Special Interest Groups. 

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This Special Interest Group is one with a difference. We will be hosting a roundtable networking session which is an opportunity for you to get together and share ideas, tips, experiences and perhaps, even what not to do. This is your chance to ask those 'burning questions' you have always wanted to know the answer to! 

There will be five tables - each one focusing on a different topic and will be hosted by a Table Captain who is experienced in that area. The session will be split into three parts allowing you the chance of three different conversations. 

The five topics will be: 

  • Gifts in Wills days 
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Donor Care 
  • Endowment Funds 
  • Supporter Surveys 
Nibbles will be provided, sponsored by Include a Charity. The event is free for all those interested in gifts in Wills.


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Free for current Include a Charity Supporters, members of Fundraising Institute Australia and non members. If you would like to become a member please email  


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Morning Session - GIW 1.0.1

10.00 am - 12.30 pm

For those who are new to this area of fundraising or for those in your organisation that want to understand more.
Using Include a Charity’s latest research get an overview of the gifts in Wills market in Australia, some key insights into the sector and the basics needed to set up an effective gifts in Wills program.

Speaker: Helen Merrick 

Lunch: 12:30 - 12:55

Afternoon Session - Making the ask
13:00 - 16:00

Our afternoon session concentrates on “making the ask”. Take this opportunity to work on how you are asking for your gifts, what is your organisation’s gifts in Wills proposition and messaging and how you can ensure this is articulated  - not only in your marketing materials but in your face to face interactions. 
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This Gifts in Wills Training is exclusive for IAC supporters. If you want to become a supporter please email 



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For one week each September, our campaign focuses on Include a Charity Week, a PR-focused activity to amplify and maximise our message. Aligned with international legacy weeks across Europe and in New Zealand, Include a Charity Week raises the profile of charitable gifts in Wills and provides an opportunity for supporter charities to convey their importance.

During this webinar we will go through the campaign for 2018. 


Helen Merrick
Campaign Director 
Include a Charity 
Helen Merrick is currently the Campaign Director of Include a Charity. After a successful corporate career in advertising and publishing, Helen has spent the last nine years specialising in marketing, communications and fundraising. Helen provides strategic advice and operational management in the areas of not for profit management, brand and profile raising and revenue generation through direct marketing initiatives, channel management and communications. She has worked in executive leadership positions with Camp Quality and Opportunity International.

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Understanding how to leverage digital is becoming a staple part of almost every fundraising strategy. And if you want to reach your donors and new prospects, it’s becoming more and more likely that you’ll have to invest on Facebook Advertising.

On this practical and interactive session, Maisa Lopes Gomes (Paiva) will give a step by step guide on how you can develop a uncomplicated and cost effect Facebook campaign for Include a Charity Week. Being the key goal for the campaign to build your bequest prospect base.  This is an opportunity for you to learn how Facebook Advertising works and potentially apply those learnings across multiple campaigns.

You will learn how to:

·          strategize your Facebook campaign from scratch

·          integrate this campaign with other digital channels

·          target existing supporters and build new prospective pools

·          and how to make the best out of your budget by understanding Facebook’s content best practices and             social engagement.

This is a session for fundraising managers who collaborate with internal digital teams and/or digital agencies.

To take the most out of this session Maisa recommends that attendees produce at least one video of a bequest donor case study, with photos.

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Maisa Lopes Gomez (Paiva)
Gifts in Wills & Digital Projects Manager 
Cerebral Palsy Alliance

An activist at heart, Maisa is an experimental marketer. Her vision is to be a social change agent for better technologies, equality and education at a global level, via the distribution of wealth through sustainable fundraising. In 2010 Maisa has joined her current employer, Cerebral Palsy Alliance, and has helped raise vital funds to provide essential support services, new technologies and fund ground-breaking research for people living with disabilities. She is also part of the Australian Include a Charity Advisory Committee since 2015, a social change campaign that aims to encourage more people to leave a gift in their Will, increasing the funds invested in the charitable sector and thereby increasing the positive impact these organisations have on our society. Maisa had articles published at the renowned Fundraising & Philanthropy magazine, and has recently accepted to take a role as an Online Tutor for the FIA—the prestigious Fundraising Institute of Australia.

IAC webinars are available for our supporters, if you would like to become an IAC supporter please email





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More Strategic have been working with Behavioural Insights Team UK (BIT) and a number of IAC campaign supporters to develop randomised controlled trials (RCT's) in order to increase the number of residual gifts left in Australia. The session will cover the following: 

1. Behavioural versus Attitudinal research - pros & cons 

2. Overview of the RCT's, including details on the variables

3. Benefits and Challenges of setting up RCT's

4. Future opportunities for innovation

It is anticipated that the RCT's will be in progess at this time but early learnings will be shared. 

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Speaker: Karen Armstrong 


For information about other upcoming events, view our 2018 supporter calendar here